Group exercise is a major focus of ours, so across our 4 exercise studios we offer over 160 carefully choreographed, energetic classes.  Click on the link below to view our full class timetable.

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Class Descriptions


Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic, flowing style that connects the movement of the body with the breath. It uses a powerful breathing technique and links the postures into set sequences with a connecting movement (vinyasa) resulting in generating deep, detoxifying heat throughout the body. Ashtanga not only makes your mind calm and soul peaceful, it also makes your body toned, strong, and controlled. It also helps in weight management, increases flexibility, works on core strength, and builds stamina and endurance.

Ab Blast

Ab blast is a quick 20 minute workout where you shift your focus to stability, endurance and strengthening of the abs. All the moves have options, so it’s challenging, but achievable for your own level of fitness.

Body Combat

A fun, lively workout class designed around basic fight moves. This class will help you to achieve a great total body effect with a smile!

Body Pump

The world famous barbell resistance class. High repetitions mobilises full body muscle development.


Our signature class. Intense 30 minute ab blast hits the core from every angle. Combines mat work, strength and cardio abdominal training.

Yoga Inspired Stretch

Boost your recovery with athletic stretches & realignment with it’s roots in Yoga with additional core development.

Boxing Squad

Focus on real boxing technique. Footwork, shadow boxing, coordination and power.

Core Xtreme

Our signature class. Intense 30 minute ab blast hits the core from every angle. Combines mat work, strength and cardio abdominal training.

CX Worx

Looking for a short sharp workout that will inspire you to the next level of fitness whilst strengthening and toning your body? Then CX Worx is for you. This is no ordinary workout, combining Core Training - Strength Training and Functional Fitness our team will put you through your paces. Add to the mix a regularly updated set of banging tunes to keep you entertained and it’s the closest you’ll get to a party in a gym.

GRIT Cardio

This explosive 30 minute high impact cardio interval workout focuses on bodyweight exercises designed to improve athletic capacity.


Intense plyometric based 30 minute workout combining power & agility. 

GRIT Strength

30 minute high intensity workout designed to improve strength & build lean muscle. This workout utilises barbells, plates & body weight movements to blast all major muscle groups.


A 30 minute high intensity interval training class that will increase lean muscle, speed and power whilst putting your metabolism into overdrive and burning extra calories for hours after your workout. This class will be at the instructor’s choice to deliver one of the three formats of GRIT, or combine all three.

Group Cycling

Immersive speed & hill intervals. Designed to boost fitness, endurance and strength.


HIIT is an interval based class that combines full-body strength training and high intensity cardio bursts to tone your body and improve your endurance.


Shred your muscles and develop explosive power simultaneously.



Laser focused muscle development on guns, bums and tums.

Hatha Flow Yoga

A steadily paced flowing style of yoga that focuses on developing stability, strength, bodily awareness and a deeper sense of calm. As well as practicing traditional yoga poses, you can expect to play with more creative movements and sequences in order to move your body in all different ways; for enhanced mobility, heightened embodiment and a chance to enjoy moving outside the lines of habitual holding patterns - a perfect antidote to a day of desk sitting. 

This class always winds down to a generous savasana (relaxation) to restore and revive before you go about the rest of your day. Come and be in your body and with your breath for your physical, mental and emotional health. 


Evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates, this challenging mat workout strengthens the core and promotes flexibility

Freestyle Ballet Barre

Elegance and sweat powered by the rigorous of classical ballet training. A perfect marriage of precise technique and athleticism.


Our fast paced, intense circuit combines functional movements with explosive power designed to burn.


Leveraging your bodyweight to provide the ultimate performance and functionality.


The signature high intensity circuit. Turbocharge your strength and fitness

Weightlifting Fundamentals

Learn the technique across key compound power moves. Squat, Row & Deadlift - form, function and technique.


Rethink movement and strength training. ViPR delivers power and flexibility for total body conditioning. 


Zumba is the world famous dance-fitness class fusing hypnotic Latin beats with easy to follow steps.


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